Leading Positive Performance™

The Happiness Advantage

Orange Frog Workshop

Leading POsitive performance™

The Happiness Advantage

Orange Frog Workshop

Do Happier People Produce Better Business Results?

3 core ideas

Positive Outliers must be embraced – made to feel comfortable.

Happiness (Engagement, Resilience…) – is a Choice!

Create Space for Positive Emotions – people want it but need to know

when and where it is expected and appropriate…

Issue - disengaged people, employees and students out there!

Gallup poll

We all know it!

Our thinking

The formula is backwards

We work with world renowned Positive Psychologist, Harvard Professor and best-selling author Shawn Achor.

Reverse the formula and acheive:

Gallup results

Gallup survey of 230,000 employees,
142 countries

13% happy/engaged

63% unhappy/not engaged

24% actively unhappy/disengaged

Benefits of Happiness

In recent research people who were

6 times more engaged

31% more productive

were 40% more likely to receive a promotion

Were 3 times more creative

Achieved 56% Greater Sales

Were 39% more likely to live to age

Reported 23% fewer fatigue symptoms

Happiness played a critical evolutionary role.

Unlike Negative Emotions which Narrow our actions towards Fight or Flight,

Positive Emotions broaden the amount of possibilities
we process making us…
more thoughtful, creative and open to new ideas.

Broaden and Build – B.L.Fredrickson, HA page 44

“See what we're finding is… it's not necessarily the reality that
shapes us… but the lens through which our brain views the world… that shapes our reality.

And if we can change the lens…

not only can we change our happiness… we can change every single educational and business
outcome at the same time.”

Mindset Matters: (Create
Positive Emotional Experiences)

…we need to set aside time and a means of routinely HELPING OTHERS reset their emotions to positive

Tetris Effect: (Create New Filters – to filter in
“The Positive”)

…we need create time and a process to HELP OTHERS routinely scan for meaningful positive patterns

Falling UP: (Create Stories, Identify Stories,
Tell Stories, Publish Stories)

…we need to find time to celebrate stories of overcoming obstacles and publishing our stories of “winning against the odds” (Joseph Campbell)

The power of embedding positive
practices into work Routines is to redesign the job to insure moments of joy, happiness and positivity.

As organizations and teams become
more efficient they agree to organize
these practices into processes or routines that are repeated over and

Smart teams consciously identify routines and intentionally embed
positive practices into the routines as
a way of insuring their use

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