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Discover the Science of Happiness with Our Workplace Training

At ValueBehaviours Ltd, we have unlocked the secret science of happiness. Delivering innovative workplace training sessions, we work with organisations throughout the UK promoting positive well-being, building your company’s potential and empowering your workforce.

“Happiness and a positively engaged brain are the greatest predictors of success.”

As we live, learn, and work in an increasingly connected, complex, and unpredictable world, it is important to develop the rational optimism and happiness of everyone, from young school children to senior directors in large organisations.

Build Well-being and Performance

We believe that growth mindset and positive emotions build well-being and performance, how we think has a profound effect on our actions and behaviours. The key point here is we can choose to increase our own happiness, positivity, and optimism, further increasing potential and performance.

At ValueBehaviours Ltd, our team combine real-world experiences along with academic research to create powerful training sessions. Our workshops, consultations, coaching, and mentoring services are delivered with enthusiasm and emotional intelligence to inspire action and embed behaviours. This approach not only shifts mindsets, but creates a more positive, resilient, and empowered organisation, so you and your company are ready to face new challenges and opportunities.

Positive Psychology Consultancy

Our consultancy and training brings you the science of sustainable peak performance. We are licensed providers of the Happiness Advantage Orange Frog Training Programme™, as such, we deliver workshops at a date and venue to suit you. We also offer open booking for workshops at set times throughout the year.

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