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The Happiness Advantage

Orange Frog Workshop

The Orange Frog™ Delivering Motivational Workshops throughout the UK

The Orange Frog™ is an inspiring workshop teaching the science and actions of sustainable peak performance. Created by world-renowned psychologist Shawn Achor, the powerful and inspiring workshops correspond with 12 years’ worth of research. Applying the latest research and techniques from the field of positive psychology, individuals learn the practices of resilient leaders, they become more adaptable, and develop the capacity to see more opportunities.

the workshop

Provides actionable behaviours and strategies to improve happiness levels, rational optimism, and positive mindsets. Our training sessions are designed with an innovative learning style, as such our seminars require active participation, with an optimistic approach to yield a positive outcome.

The Results

Delivering enhanced resilience, greater productivity, creativity, and leadership skills that both inspire and empower. Furthermore, the training sessions offer long-term benefits such as engagement levels and mental well-being.

Used internationally to enhance positive mindset, or externally as a tool to progress stakeholder engagement and improve the working environment, this programme really makes a difference!

Workshops in Your Organisation

Training programmes does not alter behaviour; people choose to change, while organisational management change attempts often fail, people’s approaches to management can lead to success. The design of this workshop requires your active participation, providing an experimental and fun environment to learn. It will enable and inspire your workforce to become more instinctive with your choices, developing self-confidence, and resolving pressures.

Training Approach

Our workshops provide an alternative approach to traditional training programmes. The approach is purposeful, breaking down barriers both real and perceived to facilitate transformation in behaviours for leaders, teams, organisation, and even society.

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