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Boosting Workplace Well-being with Ergonomic Psychology Strategies

At ValueBehaviours Ltd, we work alongside organisations to integrate ergonomic and human factor strategies into the company, promoting workplace well-being. Delivering people-centric workshops and training sessions, we implement positive change that will boost your staff’s welfare and in-turn your organisation’s productivity.

Human Factors

Addressing the human element is your biggest lever in mitigating risk and shaping performance. Our experience withinthis field is both deep and wide-ranging, with past involvement with military pilots, navigators, engineers, and operation leaders. We have a broad team of trainers, instructors, and examiners highly qualified in human factors and ergonomic psychology.

We work alongside your employees to determine more about your staff, their abilities, characteristics, and limitations, the design of the equipment they use, the environments in which they function, and the roles they perform. This helps us to determine human behaviours, assess the decision making in safety-critical environments, shaping human interaction with technology, systems, processes, the surrounding environment, and the team as a whole. This approach is an essential element of business practice and operations, the application of the Human Factor approach will add an immediate sustainable benefit to your team and ultimately your company.

Building Resilience

The first core-element of our work is focused on building your staff’s resilience, this applies to all levels, from individual, organisational, and societal resilience. This is a fascinating and wide-ranging subject that is gaining momentum by boosting positive areas and topics across all work sectors.

Cornerstones of Resilience

Our approach uses ‘resilience development blocks’ teaching 15 elements, 5 in each of the following areas:

  • Foundations - Digging Deep – Resilient to the Cor
  • Building in Life and Organisation – Reach Out – Stacking the Game in Your Favour
  • In Practice – Step Forward – Ways to Apply Techniques and Tools in the Moment

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