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Providing Effective Team Training to Establish Your Core Company Values

At ValueBehaviours Ltd, we offer your team training, aligning the actions and behaviours of your workforce to implement positive change in your business. We determine your company values, aligning individual beliefs, and behaviours. The workshop aims to enhance team performance, developing individual’s self-esteem and resilience.

We work alongside our clients to develop their core values, establishing the best approaches to test compliances. Ultimately our aim is to support the alignment of individual, team, and organisational values through beliefs, thoughts, and actions. With a skilled team delivering training sessions, we have first-hand experience in understanding how living the core value principle can unlock the potential for your company and employees.

“Act because of the way you think, and you think because of what you believe.”

Case Study

We were delighted to assist Redland PLC with their Apprentice of the Year 2017 final.

Drawing on the expertise and experience gathered from almost 100 years as a pitched-roof industry leader, Redland recognises that the building trade needs to invest in order to secure skills in the industry for the future. 700,000 jobs need to be created by 2020. The competition is part of a strategy by Redland to address the challenges faced by the industry in meeting ambitious Government housing targets.

“We recognise the need to ensure new starters to the industry receive the necessary levels of support that they need to develop and succeed, which is why we launched this programme,” David Patrick, Redland’s Head of Marketing.

We worked alongside Redland, to educate and implement skills for prospective candidates on the importance of body language, verbal communication, and a need for purpose. Further to this, entrants were exposed to the idea of Redland’s core values, by understanding the company’s directions and motivations, it can enhance their performance in the role.

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