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The Happiness Advantage

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The Happiness advantage

good for people, good for business

Mitigate resilience and shape the performance of your staff with our ergonomic training workshops. You can unlock the key to your company’s success by discovering your employee’s abilities, talents, and characteristics.

Our leadership training workshops will help you to implement performance management processes, establishing innovative solutions and a positive environment, so you can propel the success of your company and its staff.

Leading progressive workshops to school children throughout the UK. Pupils will learn teamwork and leadership skills, aiding development throughout school life and future experiences. Using the Orange Frog™ Book, we’ll work to encourage self-confidence and unlock potential.

Using the Happiness Advantage Orange Frog Training Programme™, we deliver accredited positive psychology practices, promoting employee well-being whilst simultaneously boosting your company’s performance

Our positive psychology training courses create a thriving environment for your organisation and its employees. The course will enable you to build a happy, fulfilling, and forward-thinking culture within your business.

Establishing your organisation’s values, we can help find the drive for your business and help to align your employees and processes to work alongside its values. Our core value consultancy service develops innovative measures to aid future success for your company and staff.

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About Us

At ValueBehaviours Ltd, we deliver effective workshops sessions and workplace psychology training to organisations throughout the UK. Our aim is to promote the positive well-being of your staff, creating a happy and fulfilling environment, in-turn this will accelerate the performance and productivity of your company.

Creating performance advantage, developing resilience, and enabling change are key challenges for business owners. We believe that the best way to meet these challenges is to invest in your greatest asset, your workforce. Our innovative approach will add value to your business by shaping and inspiring the mindset of your staff and clients.