Leading Positive Performance™

The Happiness Advantage

Orange Frog Workshop

Establishing Leadership Skills with Innovative School Workshops

ValueBehaviours Ltd is proud to bring engaging and inspiring school workshops to children throughout the UK. These workshops encompass a range of motivational topics, acting as a catalyst for children’s key skills, including self-confidence, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

The Orange Frog™

Caught between two worlds, Spark is like every other frog in his pond, with one notable exception.  Emerging as a tadpole with a small but noticeable orange spot, he begins to feel uncomfortably different. Every time Spark makes a positive choice more orange spots appear, he’s left with a difficult decision, become less conspicuous by doing less or make choices to become happier, more productive, and more orange. The tale of The Orange Frog™ serves as the starting point for workshops with a narrative of leading for positive results.

Workshops for Schools

Using the story as a backdrop, students are encouraged to explore their school and home environment to identify similar pressures in their school and home life. Through this process, students are encouraged to develop habits, resolve pressures, and follow a similar journey to Spark. Positive results will ripple through the student’s future, but also have an effective impact for the school as a whole.

The Orange Frog Story™ and workshops have been co-created by the International Thought Leaders Network (ITLN) and world-renowned psychologist Shawn Achor. Available to schools throughout the UK, we deliver a range of motivational topics, including:

  • Maximising positive synergy between individuals, teams, and organisations.
  • A cohesive team offers a greater competitive advantage.
  • Learning, adapting, and thinking to maintain a competitive advantage. Inspiring teams to think differently, transform, and continue positive behaviours to produce positive opportunities.
  • Share insights, spark debate, and connect themes to create a collaborative community of professionals wishing to evolve, learn, and adapt faster than the competition.
  • Work with groups to grasp complexity, exploit opportunity, and harness potential.
  • Developing a mindset culture that reflects on past experiences and adapting through continuous improvement and developing through growth.

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