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About ValueBehaviours Ltd

The aim of our consultation service is to provide effective advice and support to our clients who are in demanding and competitive environments, delivering positive results. We place human nature at the heart of our approach and we aim to build resilience, drive performance, and enable transformation.

We draw from our extensive experience in high-stake, pressurised environments, applying interpersonal skills to ensure our engagement delivers a successful and sustainable outcome. At ValueBehaviours Ltd, we develop bespoke training packages providing innovative and practical tools for your organisation or in partnership with your client’s requirements. We’ll work alongside your business to understand its culture and strategies. This means we can design and deliver specialist training workshops to benefit your workforce and their mindset, performance, and productivity.

Why Choose Us?

Creating performance advantage, developing resilience, and enabling change are three of today’s key challenges. We believe the best way to meet these challenges is to invest in your greatest asset, your employees.

Our senior military roles in the Royal Air Force has given us unrivalled insight into the role people play in the success or failure of any organisation. Operating in exacting environments over decades, we understand that human dimension is the common solution. Our approach will add value to your business by shaping and inspiring the mindset of your workforce and your clients.

The Orange Frog Training™ Programme allows us to break down barriers, real and perceived, transforming behaviours for you, your team, and your organisation.

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